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Cuernavaca, Mexico


Cuernavaca, Mexico


Cuernavaca is located about 85 km south of Mexico City. It’s known as "the city of eternal spring" because of its consistent 27°C weather year-round. Cuernavaca sits in the heart of central Mexico, and is surrounded by some of the most beautiful and culturally rich regions in the country. The city was chosen as a retreat by the likes of Hernán Cortés and Maximilian of Austria, among others, for its warm climate and beautiful scenery. The city has examples of ancient Aztec and Tlahuica cultures as well as many colonial buildings.

Mexico City

Located in the Valley of Mexico, Mexico City is the country’s largest city as well as one of the most important financial centers in North America. The city was originally built on an island of Lake Texcoco by the Aztecs in 1325 as Tenochtitlan, which was almost completely destroyed in 1521 by the Spanish Conquistadors and subsequently redesigned and rebuilt in accordance with the Spanish urban standards.


Teotihuacan is the most important archaeological site in the Western Hemisphere, containing some of the largest pyramidal structures in the World. The city is thought to have been established around 100 BC and continued to be built until about 250 AD. It was, at its peak in the beginning of the first millenium BC, one of the largest cities in the World with over 150,000 inhabitants. Apart from the pyramids, Teotihuacan is also known for its large residential complexes, the Avenue of the Dead, and numerous colour- ful, well-preserved murals.

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