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C.S.L.I. has provided language programs to several Colleges and Universities in Canada since 1978, and to High School students since 1997. Our main goal is to improve students’ language skills and self-confidence abroad while obtaining a unique first-hand look at the culture, and people of the places they are visiting. Our tours consist of at least eight (8) students and a teacher.

The students stay with trusted families, all of which have had background checks by Police, the international schools, and by us at C.S.L.I. We accommodate between two (2) and four (4) students per family, allowing students to also choose their roommates, and make new travel buddies. A C.S.L.I. representative is always present during a trip, to offer assistance, or to handle emergencies in person immediately as needed, and to guide the tour along. Local families stay in contact with the representative to ensure safety, while families at home may also reach the representative by a direct phone line 24/7.

Our objective is to improve students’ language skills and self-confidence abroad while obtaining a unique, first-hand, inside-look at the cultures and peoples of the magnificent places they visit.

  • First class families with private bathrooms
  • Round-trip airfare with major international carrier like Air Canada, Lufthansa, or British Airways
  • Local transport in air-conditioned luxury motor coaches
  • All the entrance fees for the attractions on your itinerary
  • Hearty homemade meals full of delicious local taste
  • Professional tour guides with expert knowledge
  • CSLI tour director supervising students 24/7
  • One week of languages, art, or history classes
  • A certificate for 30 hours in one of the classes above - great for resumes - it can be the edge to help boost your university or job application
  • Our trips are classified as summer camps, thus a portion of the total cost can be tax deductible
  • Students are immersed in the culture and language in a way not possible by staying only in hotels. This is one of the most appreciated features of the CSLI experience
  • You can use Air Miles or Aeroplan points to purchase the airfare


The cost of the trip for any organizing teacher(s) traveling is complimentary, and we furnish the cost for any T.O.C. if needed.

We visit your classrooms with our video presentation and provide pamphlets for students to bring home. Afterwards, we arrange an informational parent meeting for those interested in learning more about our program. At that meeting, we provide forms for the registration process.

C.S.L.I. makes all the necessary arrangements for the trip - Airline tickets, visas, consent forms, and payment forms. This alleviates the headaches for trip organizers, teachers, and parents. Our years of experience will make your trip more enjoyable, giving you time to truly explore the wonders abroad. Let’s get started!


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