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Keeping your possessions safe

While travelling abroad

Keeping your possessions safe

Unfortunately even in the beautiful, safe locations we travel to, there are always thieves working. Our aim here is to provide you with some basic info for keeping yourself, and your possessions safe while travelling abroad.

First and foremost, when going on the tours, you must stay with the group unless it's free time for you to explore. When we tour several locations per day, we do not want to lose anybody, so stick close. Partner up with some travel buddies when you do have free time, so that you're always in groups. It's also so much more fun to experience the joys of the World with new friends!

Keep a fanny pack or discrete handbag under your shirt if possible. The less visible valuables you travel with, the better. If you have a wallet, or money, or credit cards, make sure you keep them out of sight, and do not walk with bags open on the street. Making sure not to brand yourself as a target is the biggest step, then thieves will ignore you.

A tip for photographers! If you have a nice DSLR camera you are comfortable with bringing, we recommend you put some pieces of tape or duct tape on it to make it appear to look much older and worn out. Shiny new electronics are the biggest targets for thieves, and having old taped-up broken-looking toys is much less risky.

Keep your money in several separate pockets, so that if a pickpocket comes along one side, then you have the added security of extra pockets/hiding places elsewhere. Often, we recommend shorts with pockets with zippers.

At the beach, when swimming, cover your belongings. Our CSLI representatives will be more than happy to watch your things if you ask them, and bring your things into one big pile with the rest of the tour group.

Lastly, loose and dangling jewelry may accidentally fall off or get lost when touring. In some of our sporting excursions, this can be a huge upset to your otherwise fun experiences. We say this over and over again: if you cannot live with losing an item, do not bring it travelling.


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