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Why our tours beat any other educational travel company in Canada.

Get Personal

We are a family-run business, and we've made our lives all about travel. Every step on our tours is carefully crafted so that you capture the very best moments the World has to offer.

Skip The Lines

CSLI makes your travel experience seamless. As our first objective: we handle all the ticket preparation, the busses, and the guided tours; so all you have to do is simply be blown away!

Set Higher Standards

Has your curiosity caught the best of you? Our tours are primarily educational. Learn about the history of conquerors who built worlds upon worlds, blazing new trails while demolishing others.


Travellers who've lived the CSLI experience.

  • My trip to Spain was not only a fantastic way to improve my Spanish but also a life changing experience. From day one the trip was filled with exciting activities, breathtaking sights and in-depth looks at Spain's culture. Mckye H., (Spain)
  • I still talk about it to my friends to this day Brittany B. (France)
  • So many places to go, such limited time. Would love to go back. Jake E., (France)
  • Nice was very nice! Ian M., (France)
  • I enjoyed it. I felt like it exposed me to the culture a bit and gave me some valuable experiences. Max H., (Costa Rica)
  • The trip I took to Spain with CSLI was fantastic. I had never been to Europe before and the tour gave me a great taste of what it's like to travel Europe. Alex Z. (Spain)
  • The trip was exciting and the difference in how we live here in BC to what we experienced there with their culture was memorable and interesting. Jess H. (France)
  • The classroom instructors brought a practical knowledge to the language and made it seem so easy to get out there and explore. I'm so grateful to have had the opportunity to go on this inspiring adventure. Mckye H., (Spain)
  • I met lots of nice people and did so many fun activities. Would definitely recommend their tours to anyone! Alex Z. (Spain)

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CSLI Operations

We are currently offering tours from Canada to destinations in Europe and Central/South America.

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We are always researching new locations, and have been constantly updating our itineraries to explore new countries.

Destined to Travel

Pack your bags, and open your mind; we're heading for a new sunrise each and every day.

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